List of active Members of the APADEPI

Members of APADEPI

To be an active member of APADEPI is required: (1) to be a qualified attorney in the Republic of Panama, (2) to be proposed by three active members of the Association, (3) have proven experience of more than three years in the area of Intellectual Property Law. In order to maintain the status of active member, it is essential to attend at least 50% of the meetings of the association's bodies in which it participates and which are held during the one-year period, not owing payment of more than two regular and/or extraordinary fees and not having incurred in any of the situations listed in article 60 of the Bylaws.

Gabriel Isaac Aguilar Pitty
+507 340-6444

Jessica Atencio De Jaén
+507 221-1931

María Pia Bandera

Juan Fernando Corro
+507 205-7000

Mariela De La Guardia
+507 205-6000

Migel De Puy III
+507 399-5190

Marycarmen González
+ 507 263-9355

Fernando Gonzalez-Ruiz
+ 507 205-6000

Sandra Guerra Alvarez

Marissa Lasso de la Vega
(507) 263-9355

Victor Mendez Spiegel
+507 263-3690

Olmedo Miranda III
+507 66728151

José Miguel Navarrette
+507 366-8400

Nohemi Spiegel de Mendez
+507 263-3690

Gabriela Tejada de Britton
+507 205-6000

María Isabel Valdes
+507 263-6622


In case you are interested in being part of the Panamanian Association of Intellectual Property Law, we appreciate downloading the following PDF file, completing it, and sending it duly signed by three (3) active members of the Association, to the following address Paseo Roberto Motta , Costa del Este, PH Capital Plaza, 15th Floor, Attention to Anabel Gamallo.